iPhone 5 (or The New iPhone) Pre-Orders May Start on Friday, September 14th: Rumor

iPhone 5 Leak

Apple is indeed going to unveil its next gen-iPhone (iPhone 5 or The new iPhone or whatever it will be called) at its September 12th event. We know most of you guys are already itching to pre-order the new units for yourselves. But when that moment will come? Well, MacRumors claims that an unknown source told them Apple will start offering the pre-orders for this year’s iPhone on September 14th, instead of tomorrow. That means it will take a couple of more days after its official announcement day Wednesday.

Over the past few years, Apple has been taking pre-orders on its website as soon as midnight on the day orders open, but the latest rumors are claiming that Apple will start taking pre-orders at 6:00 AM. The source states that “certain portions of Apple’s sales support team are significantly increasing their staffing levels beginning at 6:00 AM Eastern on Friday, with a major surge for the initial shift beginning at that time and a sustained level of high staffing for at least the remainder of the day.”

Unfortunately, there are some silly people have already pre-ordered the iPhone 5. Some online retail websites putting up a pre-order pages promising to ship the next iPhone once it is officially announced. So, don’t tempt if you come through any of these type fake pre-orders. Stay tuned for some more hours until Apple’s CEO Tim Cook unveil it officially.

Source: MacRumors

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