T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot Landing On April 13th

T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot Release Date Leaked

According to an internal leaked document, T-Mobile’s 4G Mobile Hotspot is slated to release on April 13th. We think it is quite possible that T-Mobile has just confirmed the LG G2X handset’s release date and price details, which is also mentioned in the leaked doc.

The 3D capable Honeycomb powered T-Mobile LG G-Slate’s price also mentioned in the same doc, showing the price as “$529.99 on 2-year contract after MIR,” which has already confirmed by T-Mo officially. There is no word on T-Mobile’s 4G Mobile Hotspot’s price info and the release date of the T-Mo LG G-Slate. T-Mobile G-Slate is an LG Optimus Pad’s variant for the U.S. consumers.

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[Via: Android Central]

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