[Download] Toshiba Thrive Gets Software Update To Fix Oversleeping Issue

We’ve already reported that the Toshiba Thrive tablet went for sale on July 5th. A few days ago, Toshiba has announced about a maintenance software update to fix the oversleeping issue of the newly launched Honeycomb powered Toshiba Thrive tablet, that has been experiencing by the users since its launch time. The users now can fix that problem, as the manufacturer has started rolling out the new software update, which is bearing version number

The Changes To Take Place After Upgrading To The Software Update

# Sleep-and-resume performance Improvisation – Elimination of a race condition which can cause system lock ups resuming from sleep mode when multiple tasks contend for shared memory simultaneously.
# Enhanced multimedia playback capabilities – Support for playback of DivX/Xvid and .avi WMA/WMA files (compatibility dependent on specific encoding format).
# A patch, released by the chip vender, addressing a Display Controller reset sequence issue.
# Changes in code supporting the USB host controller to improve performance resuming from sleep mode

Toshiba Thrive Gets A Software Update To Fix Oversleeping Issue


Users of the Toshiba Thrive tablet won’t be seeing the notification alerting them about the latest software update. If any of you Toshiba Thrive owners feel like trying to manually pull the update down, you should hit the Thrive’s "Service Station" app – the app which helps the users to manage the update process for the Toshiba Thrive tablet. Hit this app, and tap the ‘Check for Updates’ button on the left side panel of the app home screen. Then select the “Thrive to System Image Update on the right side panel, and follow the onscreen instructions to finish the update process. After the completion of the installation process, you should turn off the Thrive tablet using the power button, after that you can power on it back on. It will fix ‘Resume’ issue when the Thrive tablet is running in Sleep mode. The update is said to be take “several minutes” to complete the process. Just be sure to come back and let us know if you’re able to grab the new update from the sky.

[Via: Android Central]

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