TWCable TV App For iPad now available for Free

If you are an Apple iPad or iPad 2 users and you subscribe to Time Warner’s cable TV service, you can live TV streaming of 32 cable channels on you iPad using an app. Users can watch TV from the cable service anywhere in their house as long as they are connected to a WiFi internet connection connection. Time Warner cable has released the Time Warner Cable TV app for the iPad and is now available in iTunes for free.

iPad TWCable TV app

Following are the requirements for using the app to watch TV on your iPad
– iPad with iOS 4
– Time Warner Cable video package at the Standard (Expanded Basic) level or higher
– WiFi connection to Time Warner Cable Internet Service
– Time Warner Cable username and password

Reports say that future versions of the app will include streaming without using WiFi, ability to record shows etc.

Download App from iTunes for free.

1 thought on “TWCable TV App For iPad now available for Free”

  1. Time Warner is finally catching up to other providers in the streaming race. However, they are still very behind when it comes to functionality. Sure you can stream live TV. The big problem is that you can only stream if you are home, and have an internet connection and cable TV with Time Warner. I am not sure about how this works but it seems a little too limited. Speaking of limited, you can only watch 32 channels. Not a very exciting app when you look into it with detail. I do have a DISH Network account and I am also an employee with them, and I have been using the DISH Remote Access app for a while now. I can say that it is one app that can take full advantage of the iPad. Using my 3G iPad, I can stream live TV or recordings from my 922 SlingLoaded DVR. Of course, as long as I have a 3G connection, I can stream when and where I want. Additionally, I can choose from all of the channels that I subscribe to. So in all ways, the DISH Remote Access app is far better than the Time Warner Cable app.


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