Twitter Blue Verification Goes Global, But Not Everyone Keeps Their Checkmark

Twitter Blue Verification

Twitter Blue, the premium subscription service offered by the social media platform, is now available worldwide. The service was launched several months ago, but was previously only available in select countries. With this announcement, Twitter users worldwide can now enjoy the benefits of the premium subscription, such as the ability to undo tweets and access to exclusive features.

In addition to the global rollout of Twitter Blue, the company has also announced that it will be revoking verification checkmarks from certain accounts starting on April 1. The affected accounts are those that were verified under the previous verification system, which allowed users to apply for verification for free.

Twitter has stated that these “legacy” verified accounts will lose their checkmarks unless they subscribe to Twitter Blue or the Twitter Verified Organizations plan, which is a paid service for businesses that want to verify their accounts.

The Twitter verification program has been a topic of debate since its inception, with many users questioning the criteria used for approving or denying verification requests. The program has been criticized for being inconsistent and unclear in its guidelines, leading to frustration among users who have been denied verification despite meeting the stated criteria.

Twitter’s decision to stop verifying accounts for free and instead tie it to the subscription service has also drawn criticism. Some users argue that verification should be a free and open process, while others argue that it is a valuable service that should be reserved for those who are willing to pay for it.

What’s new in Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is a new subscription service offered by Twitter that offers a range of new features for a monthly fee. One of the most significant features is the Verified checkmark, which is now being offered as part of the subscription. This will allow users to distinguish themselves as verified accounts, adding an extra layer of credibility to their profiles.

Another benefit of Twitter Blue is the ability to prioritize conversations. This means that users will be able to see the most important conversations first, without having to scroll through irrelevant or uninteresting tweets. This feature will be especially useful for businesses and individuals who want to keep up with the latest trends and news in their industry.

Twitter Blue subscribers will also enjoy fewer ads on the platform. This will be a relief for those who find the ads on Twitter intrusive or distracting. Instead of having to scroll through multiple ads, Twitter Blue users will be able to focus on the content that matters most to them.

Bookmarks have been a feature of Twitter for some time, but Twitter Blue takes this to the next level with the ability to create bookmark folders. This will allow users to categorize their bookmarks into specific topics or themes, making it easier to find the content they have saved.

Customization is another key feature of Twitter Blue. Users will be able to customize their navigation experience, choosing which tabs and menus they want to see and which ones they don’t. This will allow users to create a personalized Twitter experience that suits their individual needs.

Finally, Twitter Blue users will be able to edit and undo tweets. This is a long-awaited feature that many Twitter users have been asking for, and it will make the platform much more user-friendly. With the ability to edit tweets, users will be able to correct typos and mistakes, while the ability to undo tweets will give users a chance to change their minds before they hit the send button. Another important feature included in Twitter Blue is the ability to tweet with up to 4,000 characters, which is a significant increase from the current limit of 280 characters. 

Twitter Blue’s global expansion comes with a cost of $8 per month in the United States, with an annual discount of $1 per month. Similarly, the pricing structure will be adjusted for each region, depending on the local currency. Twitter has not yet released specific pricing details for different regions, but the cost is expected to be similar to the US pricing model.

Twitter Blue is available in India for a monthly subscription fee of Rs. 650. Users can also enjoy a 12% discount if they pay for a whole year, bringing the annual cost down to Rs. 6,828. The discount structure is adjusted for local currency in each region where Twitter Blue is available.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you’re considering subscribing to Twitter Blue, it’s more cost-effective to do so on the web rather than through the mobile app. This is because the subscription fee on the iOS and Android apps includes a 30% markup to account for Apple and Google’s cuts. I have personally checked the prices on both platforms and can confirm that the app-based subscription costs 30% more than the web-based subscription. Therefore, to save money, it’s recommended that you subscribe to Twitter Blue through the web version of Twitter.

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