US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note 2 receives Multi-Window OTA update

Screenshot showing Full change log for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Back in October, Samsung started rolling out an update to its flagship device, the Galaxy Note 2 that introduced the multi-window feature to the device. Soon after Samsung introduced the feature, US carriers including Sprint and AT&T released the update to their Galaxy Note 2 handsets. Now, we are bringing a pretty news for US Cellular mobile users that they will get the multi-window feature to their Galaxy Note 2 devices. US Cellular Galaxy Note 2 is now receiving an OTA update having baseband version R950VXALL1 that brings multi-window feature.

The Change log shown above is really impressive. The update will allow using two apps at one time using the Multi-Window feature and hopefully the update will improve the performance of the device. It is  revealed that there are some UI changes to the device. In drop down menu, “Sync” was replaced with Multi-Window option, and Sound icon (4th position) color was changed from Gray to Green.

Back in November, the Multi-Window update was rolled out to Sprint’s Galaxy Note 2. This week, AT&T also announced that the same feature will be available for download Over The Air.

If you are one of the Galaxy Note 2 users using US Cellular network, you can now get the OTA update. Go to Settings> About device and simply tap on software update to download and install the update.

If you have updated it, do let us know the experience in comments.

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