Verizon HP Pre 2 up for pre-order now at $99.99 with contract; Ships from February 17

Verizon HP Pre 2 Pre Order

Just after a day of launching the new WebOS devices, HP Veer, HP Pre 3, HP TouchPad tablet, HP has started taking pre-orders for it’s own old handset, HP Palm Pre 2 exclusivity with Verizon Wireless.

Verizon’s Pre 2 will cost you $149.99 with 2-year contract and if you want to for with flat pricing option, the device would cost you $409.99 with out any annual contract and any burden. Palm Pre 2 for Verizon will be start shipping after one week, from February 17th as we reported a few days back.

Verizon is throwing a good offer for Pre 2 users, HP’s exclusive Wi-Fi hotspot functionality is applicable for free of cost with the available data plans.

HP/Palm Pre 2 features HTML5 features, including built-in GPS service, Adobe flash payer 10.1, true-multitasking, 3.1 inch TFT multitouch HVGA scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass display, super fast 1GHz processor, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 5 Megapixel camera with LED flash, 3G, Wi-Fi connectivity, 512MB RAM, 16 GB memory storage. But it lacks memory expansion support.

Check out the Full Specifications Of HP/Palm Pre 2.

I don’t think the users will shell out $100 for this old handset, as it’s successor Pre 3 is already on the way, with more more better options like better keyboard, dual-cameras, video calling, and more.


you can place an order for Verizon’s HP Pre 2 here directly from HP Wireless Stores for the determined price of $149.99 by signing a two-year contract with Verizon and it will cost you $439.99 if you don’t want to sign for the next two years.

[Source: HP]

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