Photo Shoot of HTC Thunderbolt in all angles; Sporting Verizon Logo

HTC Thunderbolt LTE 4G

The folks over Droid Life has received a bunch of clearly pictured high resolution images of the mysterious HTC Thunderbolt. These images made clear note that this LTE capable handset launched on Verizon carriers as its first 4G phone. The HTC Thunderbolt has been teasing under covered by HTC on its website over the couple of days. Previously this handset is also known as the Incredible and Mecha. The Thunderbolt will be announced by HTC at early next week’s CES.

As you can see the images now, this handset is vey much similar to HTC Desire HD and it is also having a kickstand at back side. The Thunderbolt will be having a 4.3 inch touch display, 8 megapixel camera and a front facing camera for video calling and a 1GHz application processor. Hope HTC will bring it with a dual-core CPU and latest Android Gingerbread preloaded. According to sources, this handset could be named as Droid Thunderbolt.

HTC Thunderbolt LTE 4G HTC Thunderbolt LTE 4GHTC Thunderbolt LTE 4GHTC Thunderbolt LTE 4G

Click on the above pics to see bigger images and hit the below source link to view a dozen images from all angles and all sides.

Source: Droid Life

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