Verizon introduces 4G-LTE network to 29 new markets

Screen Shot showing Verizon's 4G LTE coverage area

After Verizon introduced 4G LTE speeds to 12 new markets across the Midwest, the US wireless carrier is now expanding to additional new 29 markets. That brings the nation’s largest carrier up to 470 different markets covered, with hundreds of millions of Americans. Verizon’s 4G LTE network supports a wide variety of 4G LTE-enabled devices ranging from tablets and mobile hotspots.

Verizon introduced the 4G LTE network back in 2010 and its first smartphone with this functionality was the HTC ThunderBolt. Verizon wireless carrier offers more 4G LTE coverage than other wireless networks, with coverage currently available to more than 250 million people throughout the United States.

The list of the new Verizon’s 29 markets are: Stark County, Lewiston-Auburn, Maine, Bangor, Maine, Dayton, Toledo, Lima, Vinton County, Youngstown-Warren, Cleveland and Akron,Portsmouth, Eureka, California, Bakersfield,California, Menominee, Michigan, Northern Kentucky, Peru, Illinois, Charleston and West Virginia.

Another carrier Sprint also claimed that they will be expanding another six markets in Pennsylvania, Indiana and California and most notably Chicago, IL. They will be introducing 4G LTE coverage to over 100 new markets” in the coming months”. Like Verizon did, AT&T will upgrade its network in new 7 additional cities.

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Source:Verizon Wireless
Via: Android Community

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