Verizon iPhone unlimited data plans to terminate soon; New iPhone 4 to release?

Verizon iPhone 4 Unlimited Data To End

It’s just less than one month since the Verizon iPhone 4 launched and it can be grabbed with the available unlimited data plan $30 per month. According to some well sourced speculations by Reuters, Verizon will be pulling it’s unlimited data plan for the Apple iPhone by this summer, following the AT&T’s footsteps and instead introduce two service plans with monthly data caps. The comments were made by Verizon chief financial officer Fran Shammo at a tech investor conference. iPhone unlimited data plan will be available for a "limited time." we don’t have the details about how long the treat would last. According to sources, Apple will release an updated new Verizon iPhone later this year.

If have you been following, you might come to know that unlimited data plan might set for a promotional period only to attract the customers. AT&T offered unlimited for three years and cut out its unlimited plan in July 2010. Currently, the AT&T’s new customers are required to buy one of two capped services: $25 for 2GB of data or $15 for 200MB of data per month.

Verizon has been selling the iPhone 4 since February 10 and it’s expected to be a hot-selling item. According to various reports, Verizon iPhone 4 reaches 1 Million sales. Then why the carrier is going to cut out the attracting unlimited plan?

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[Source: Reuters]

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