Verizon to Launch Palm Pre 2 on February 17 for $100

palm pre 2 verizon launch

Leaked reports are coming in that Verizon will finally launch Palm Pre 2 on February 17. Well the validity of the information in a leaked internal product page from a third party retailer is actually true or not could not be determined as of now.

The February 17th launch for Palm Pre 2 will be at $100 on a 2-year contract according to the leaked information. This comes four months after the original announcement.

Well HP is planning for a Palm-related event on February 9 where we are expecting HP to unveil the next generation of webOS devices. Hopefully the webOS event on February 9 will give us something to look forward to something interest for the Palm Pre 2.

However many rumors have come up in the past which displayed units had been sent out and then pulled from Verizon stores. Well as of now the ambiguity continues though this leaked can be almost true according to reports.

You can check out the Full Specifications of Palm Pre 2 here

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