[Download] Verizon’s Motorola Droid X2 Gets Software Update 1.3.380.MB870

Motorola Droid X2 Gets Software Update 1.3.380.MB870

Verizon has started rolling out a new software update for Motorola Droid X2 handsets. Droid X2 owners have to jump into the About phone menu and bring up System updates to grab the new firmware update. There is a large gathering of changes within these update so be sure you jump on it as soon as possible. There had been problems with trying to take pictures after unlocking the handset, but those should now be taken care of. Problems related to lockups and the on-screen keyboard have also been specifically covered. The update is weighing 54.8MB of he size. Full change log of the latest update after the break:

# Improved video quality for video recording and playback.
# Device stability improvisation to limit resets and lockups.
# Mobile Hotspot password can now exceed 63 characters.
# Improved audio quality while streaming music.
# Keyboard remains visible during text input.
# The Magic Smoke Live wallpaper animation now works well.
# User can use the camera successfully after unlocking the handset.
# Charging indicator will light up only when the device connected to the charger.
# Proper function of Home key while the handset in the desktop cradle.
# Device will no longer lockup or reset when using the keyboard.
# Device will no longer lockup or reset when using the keyboard.
# Input characters are properly displayed during text entry.
No more YouTube Video lockup while viewing.
# Desktop cradle application starts correctly.
# Song won’t slip when playing MP3s through the Music App.
Users won’t be receiving error message when purchasing the Let’s Golf App.


Droid X2 Gets Software Update 1.3.380.MB870

The latest software update is reportedly available to download now. You can force the new firmware update by heading over to Menu –> Settings –> System Updates > Download –> Install Now –> then tap the OK button and see if the new software version awaits you. Go ahead and check for system updates. You should find it readily available for download and follow the onscreen instructions to finish the upgrade process. Head over to the source links at below for step-by-step instruction regarding the software upgrade process.

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