Is Verizon Prepping A Mysterious Honeycomb Tablet; Motorola Xoom 2 Or HTC Puccini?

Verizon's Mysterious Honeycomb Tablet

Earlier this week, Verizon has outed a promotional video on YouTube featuring a mysterious tablet showcased by a woman, but the details of this tablet are kept under wrap by the carrier. Definitely not a known tablet it is. The video has confirmed that this mysterious tablet is running with Android Honeycomb OS in the video, as the tablet is featuring Honeycomb lock screen and opening home screen (see the below image), but it’s still not clear and it is tough to say what kind of tablet it is, and who is the manufacturer for this tablet?

The various sources are saying that it could be the Motorola Xoom 2, that was leaked a few weeks back on the Motorola website. Xoom 2 is to be equipped with quad-core NVIDIA Kal-El  processor. But the tablet in the video isn’t sporting the Motorola logo either on the back side or front side of the device. The Xoom had a similar look at the back. If you observe the HTC Flyer, it has a similar backplate and camera placement. So it could be the 10-inch HTC Puccini with Verizon connectivity, which is almost confirmed to release through AT&T network with LTE capability later this year. Since the video says “Screen images simulated”, this could be a placeholder tablet for Verizon.

Folks at Android Central are reporting that it could be the upcoming Motorola XOOM 4G, which is a tweaked version of the original Motorola Xoom with 4G LTE connectivity currently being tested by Verizon.

Surprisingly, the original Motorola Xoom is just a 3-4 months old. Then why Verizon/ Motorola would get ready to launch its sequel so early? Are we supposed to do buy a tablet every 6 months? Many tech blogs are also claiming this mysterious ad does not advertise a tablet, neither current nor a future tablet. This ad advertises 4G LTE service to power the tablet only. Check out one more screenshot of the video, and the ad video after the break.

Verizon's Mysterious Honeycomb Tablet

[Via: Droid-Life]

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