Google Nexus Prime For Verizon To Launch On November 3?

Google Nexus Prime

We all know that Google’s answer to the release of the iPhone 5, the Nexus Prime’s launch is on the anvil and that the Verizon will be getting the LTE version of the phone pretty soon. There were reports sometime back suggesting that the Google Nexus Prime for Verizon would be releasing in October. And today we have reports originating from Twitter that the Nexus phone for Verizon would be launched on November 3.

Google Nexus Prime will be the first Android smartphone to come with the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, the next version of the Google’s Android operating system. It was also being said that the big red company will replace the existing Verizon Droid Charge with the upcoming Google Nexus 3 (or Nexus Prime / Droid Prime, whatever they’re going to call it) with support for the Verizon’s LTE network. A tweet from Google insider Tom Fleming has suggested the possible November 3rd release date for the upcoming Nexus 3 on Verizon. The tweet was in a cryptic form saying:

Bruce Wayne’s true father did die you shall in fact be able to buy in stores of red and black

Considering the fact that the Bruce Wayne’s true father Bob Kane died on November 3rd and that the red and black in the tweet points to Verizon, November 3 could be the date when the Nexus 3 launches. Are we headed for some real fight between the iOS 5 and the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich very soon?

[Source: Twitter]

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