Verizon Pulls $100 Off For Droid Phones; Now Available [Updated]

Verizon-Droid-PhoneS-#100 Off-Special-Deal

If you want to skip the latest and greatest HTC Thunderbolt (coming very soon) or the upcoming Motorola Droid Bionic and are itching to get a  Droid branded Android smartphone with high-end specifications from Verizon Wireless. Here you’ve many choices to pick up. Big Red is offering its entire DROID-branded smartphone for some reasonable pricings off the subsidized, two-year contract price. Now all the Droid smartphones being offered at an additional $100 off the subsidized and now the special deal has been cancelled by the Verizon Wireless. A few days ago, Verizon pulled this special deal for an unknown reason. Now, it seems like the $100 off is finally available again.

With the special online offer, you will be getting the DROID 2 Global for $99.99, the DROID PRO will set you back $79.99, and the DROID X (non-CPO) can be acquired for $49.99, DROID R2D2, DROID Incredible, and DROID X (CPO) being offered for the sum of Zero bucks.

If you don’t want to hld the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt, you’re better off paying discount price for one of these Droid handsets.


You can click here to jump directly to Verizon Online Store and grab yourself a sweet deal to get one of these aforementioned DROIDs.

You can purchase Motorola Droid Pro here at at Amazon Wireless for $0.01.

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