Walmart offers AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 for $49.99, Lumia 820 for free

Nokia Lumia 920 AT&T at Walmart

Earlier this week, we heard that a popular computer vendor, CompUSA has been providing an exciting offer that if you buy a Windows 8 laptop or desktop, you will get a free smartphone, Nokia Lumia 820. The offer requires you to sign a 2 year contract on AT&T.

Now, we bring  you a better offer than CompUSA’s offer. This new offer is from Walmart, they are now offering the devices, Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 at a cheaper price. Both the devices are cheaper by $50.

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 are Nokia’s flagship devices running on Windows Phone 8 operating system. At first we thought that the Lumia 920 would be available at $149.99 along with contract but AT&T astonished us by offering less charge than we expected earlier. It brought the device priced at $99.99 and a slightly lower model, Lumia 820 at $49.99.

Nokia Lumia 820 AT&T at Walmart

Walmart is now offering $50 discount on Nokia Lumia 920 and 820. You can buy Lumia 920 for just $49.99 with a new AT&T account. If you are interested to buy a Windows Phone 8 device from this retailer for free, Nokia Lumia 820 will be the best device for you. The device is free but you have to sign a two year contract with the carrier. You can now pre-order the device on its official website. The off-contract price of the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 are pegged at $699 and $399 respectively. The devices will be available in four different colors such as cyan, white, black and red.

But if you love wireless charging for these devices, you need to buy them separately because the offer doesn’t include the wireless charger. This exciting offer won’t make you feel happy if you have already purchased the devices, do excuse.

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