WhatsApp to let group admins choose who can join chats


Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has recently announced two updates related to WhatsApp groups. The first update is a new privacy control tool designed specifically for group admins, which will allow them to exercise greater control over who can join their groups. The second update is a feature that enables users to discover which groups they have in common, enhancing the overall user experience and facilitating easier group communication.

WhatsApp is bringing more control to group admins with the “Pending participants” tool. This new feature will allow admins to choose who can join the group when they share the invite link or make the group joinable in a community. With this tool, admins will have greater control over who joins their groups, ensuring better privacy and security.

As per current FAQ guidelines, WhatsApp admins are advised to only share group invitation links with trusted individuals, as anyone who has access to the URL can join the group. This is an important security measure that ensures only authorized members can access the group and participate in discussions. Admins should also exercise caution when making the group joinable in a community, as this increases the likelihood of unwanted participants joining the group. 

WhatsApp has introduced another new feature that aims to enhance group communication by making it easier for users to find groups they have in common with their contacts. Users can now search for a contact’s name and view a list of groups they’re both members of. This feature is especially useful for those who may have forgotten the names of groups they’ve joined, facilitating easier and more efficient communication between group members.

The new group features will be rolled out on both iOS and Android platforms in the coming weeks. Furthermore, WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will enable group chat memberships to expire after a set period of time. While the launch date for this feature is uncertain, it will provide more control to group members and enhance the security of WhatsApp groups.

Source: Meta

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