White iPhone 4 Coming This Spring!

White iPhone

Well, white iPhone has become a unicorn for its fans. Apple, while launching the iPhone 4 during WWDC in June 2010 said that iPhone 4 would be available in both black and white only to announce later that it was not able to deliver white iPhone models, because they “have proven more challenging to manufacture than expected.” and promised that the model would be available by second half of July 2010 but on July 23, there was another announcement from Apple saying that white iPhone might be not available until the end of 2010. However, in another statement issued by Apple, the company said that the white Apple iPhone wouldn’t be available until spring 2011. Since then we haven’t heard anything about white iPhone 4. But thanks to Twitter, in a recent tweet reply to a question asked by a teem about the white iPhone 4, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, Phil Schiller said that white iPhone 4 would be launched in the spring.

His actual tweet reads:


Though he didn’t mention clearly whether it is white iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 that is actually coming, we can understand that it would most probably be white iPhone 4, but let’s not forget that spring runs till June 21st and Apple could introduce iPhone 4 in June 2011 (rumored to be on June 5th) when spring would still be running!

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