‘iPhone 4s White’ Spotted in AT&T’s System

iPhone 4s AT&T customer service listing

While there are so many rumors in regards to the upcoming iPhone 5, we have to say we haven’t seen much about the other upgrade of the iPhone 4, to be possibly called iPhone 4S which is expected to be launched along with the next iPhone. Well, recently someone noticed a listing of the ‘iPhone 4s White’ (yes, ‘s’ in lowercase) in the AT&T customer service system.

According to a screenshot received by Engadget from a tipster, AT&T has already listed the white iPhone 4s in their support service. The screenshot shows a ‘Start a ticket’ page which is used to get the information from the customer about the issues with a particular handset on the network. The listing under the manufacturer ‘Apple’ has 16 items included in the list, the last six entries of which have been captured on the screen. According to GSMArena, Out of the remaining 10, six would go for the iPad 2 models (16, 32 and 64 GB white / black) listings and it leaves us with guess work for the remaining four. These could be the iPhone 5 (32GB and 64GB white / black) models according to the source, although there’s a possibility that they may be other rumored devices like the iPod Touch 3G.

[Via: GSMArena] [Source: Engadget]

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