Windows Phone 7.8 Update To Begin Rolling Out on January 31st: Report

Windows Phone 7.8 Update Coming on Dec-31

Earlier this month, Nokia confirms the long awaited Windows Phone 7.8 update is coming soon for the older Lumia phones, which are currently running with WP7.5 OS. But, the Finnish mobile maker doesn’t share specific info regarding the firm date of the wider availability of the update. There’s rightfully some excitement online today, revealing the plausible date for the update to begin roll out process. The reliable folks of Windows Phone Colombia have got some information to share with us prompting some speculation that the update will start rolling out on January 31st for “some phones.” Unfortunately, the source didn’t provide the specific list of the ” some phones”, that will get the update in the first batch.

Telstra has released its Android update schedule with information regarding when the older WP devices will receive their next major upgrades. The carrier has listed a number of devices that it plans to upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 OS, planning to update a total of six Windows Phones in the near future. The list includes Samsung Omnia W, Nokia Lumia 800, Lumia 610, HTC Titan 4G, HTC 7 Mozart, and HTC HD7. The table shows (pictured at the bottom of this post) the Nokia Lumia 800 should begin getting the update on January 31st.

Windows Phone 7.8 Update by O2 UK

On the other side, O2 UK has tweeted that the users are expected to receive the update by the end of January month. Users will be required to use the Zune program to upgrade their Windows Phone 7.x OS running handsets.

Microsoft is looking to distribute the Windows Phone 7.8 OS refresh for as many older Windows Phone products as possible. Those users with carrier-locked editions could have to wait a little longer.

Nokia is currently shipping the Lumia 610, and Lumia 505 with WP7.8 OS pre-loaded to various markets around the world.

Windows Phone 7.8 OS update will carry the resizable Live Tiles, that get you the ability to better customize the start screen, along with a wider range of color themes (a total of 20). Other features are including various other enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements, along with the Bing auto-changing lockscreen – possibility to set Bing pictures as the background for users’ lockscreens. There will be also some OEM specific firmware changes. Samsung already confirmed they will add the function of tethering to the Omnia W phone.

Telstra Windows Phone 7.8 Update Dates

We’ll be sure to bring you more news as we hear some more official news. Stay tuned.

Source: Windows Phone Colombia, O2 UK, Telstra

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