Watch The Windows Phone 7 Mango Update Event Live Webcast

Windows Phone 7 event may 24 live

Microsoft’s 5/24 Windows Phone 7 event is going to start in another couple of hours. We have reported that the Windows Phone mango update might be called as Windows Phone 7.1 OS instead of Windows Phone 7.5 and that Microsoft will announce more than 500 new features in the Windows Phone 7 through the “Mango” update as confirmed by Steve Ballmer. The web browsing experience is also expected to get a boost through the “Mango” update with the introduction of Internet Explorer 9 to the Windows Phone OS. It is also rumored that as many as 9 new Windows Phone 7 devices and at least 3 new Windows Phone 7 OEMs would be announced at the event that is going to happen at New York. We’re not sure if all these rumors turnout to be true but we’ll be hooked to the event’s live webcast to see what Microsoft is up to.

If you want to see the live streaming video of the event, head over to the link added at the bottom. The event will start on May 24, 2011 at 7 am PDT or 10 am EDT or 2 pm GMT.

Link: Watch Windows Phone Event 5/24 live webcast online

[Via Microsoft]

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