Windows Phone 7 ‘NoDo’ Update Finally Rolls Out

Windows Phone 7 Copy & Paste Feature

Its too late..but its worth waiting. Microsoft has finally managed to release its first major update to its Windows Phone 7 powered handset, codenamed ‘NoDo’ (short for "No Donuts".)

The new ‘NoDo’ update brings the following features:

# Copy / Paste Functionality.
# CDMA Location Support.
# Various Bug Fixes.
# Faster Start & Resume For Apps.
# Support For “Tombstoning”.
# Marketplace Search Improvement.
# Improved Wi-Fi Performance.
# A whole host of Outlook, audio, camera, messaging, and Facebook account sync improvements.
# Stability while switching between video and still camera modes.
# Better application and game performance.

With this update, WP& powered handsets would display the phone’s Media Access Control (MAC) address in Settings tab – lets the users to connect to Wi-Fi networks that use MAC address filtering.

Windows Phone 7 users will be receiving the notification from Microsoft on the device itself to alert you about the update availability. Microsoft is rolling out the ‘NoDo’ update in gradual manner to the sim-free, carrier unbranded devices. So don’t get panic if you won’t receive it one the first day. HTC Arrive was the first WP7 to receive the ‘NoDo’ update, which was released recently on Sprint network.

Copy and paste working is so easy. Users just need to touch a word and tap the copy icon, then tap a place you want to paste the word and hit the paste icon. Tap and then slide you finger. That’s it..your done. Keep checking your handsets for the ‘NoDo’ update.

[Via: Win Rumors, Microsoft]

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