Exclusive: Windows Phone 7 Unlocker Tool

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A new blog ChevronWP7 has released the first Windows Phone 7 unlocking tool for the users who want to jailbreak or unlock their new Windows phone 7 smartphones.

This tool will allow the Windows Phone 7 handset users to side loading  experimental applications that aren’t allowed in the Marketplace due to the use of private APIs. The WP7 system currently allows only 10 developer apps to be sideloaded. Users should be running Windows XP SP2 or higher to execute this unlocking tool. You just ensure your device has a “full sync” relationship with the Zune client, not a “guest” relationship.

Download this simple executable file from the following links and you are able to unlock your WP7 device without a Marketplace developer account.




Windows Phone7 Unlocking Tool ScrrenShot

Note: But before you going to use this unlocking tool, remember what Microsoft has said that that, “Attempting to unlock a device could void the warranty, disable phone functionality, interrupt access to Windows Phone 7 services or render the phone permanently unusable.”


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