Windows Phone 7 Smartphones released in US for $199.99 & at Amazon for $99

Windows Phone 7Windows Phone Price Details on Microsft Stores

Finally, the most awaited Windows Phone 7 handsets have reached US today and available to purchase for customers. Microsoft just rolls out HTC Surround, Samsung Focus & HTC HD7(T-Mobile) handsets to its online stores and other US retailers.

Microsoft is offering these handsets for $199.99 with a 3-month free Zune pass at its online stores(saving you $45). The portrait QWERTY-fied Dell Venue Pro might also be released today itself or tomorrow at Microsoft retail locations.

Windows Phone Price Details on Amazon

Amazon brings these WP7 handsets with amazing prices just for $99 with new service plans. The LG Quantum is also put up for pre-orders on Amazon Wireless, which is expected to be available from the next week .

Dell Mobility also offering these handsets with less prices $149.99 with a new AT&T account. But there is no information about its own product Dell Venue Pro yet.

Buy: You can buy these Windows Phone 7 handsets here at Microsoft Stores for $199.99, at Amazon for $99 and at Dell Mobility for $149.99.

You can also get these handsets with different plans from Microsoft Stores like $59.99 per month with 2-year contract and get  unlimited night & weekend minutes. Check out the different plans here.

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