Windows Phone 8 now features OTA Update but fails to Install

Windows Phone 8 OTA Update

One of the addition in features for Windows Phone 8 is the ability to finally update Over the Air (OTA) to the Operating System unlike before where you had to connect to your PC in order to update.

There are two kinds of OTA updates in Windows Phone 8, one is automatic and another is manual updates. Automatic updates are downloaded to the device without the need of the mobile user but Manual updates are initiated by the mobile users.

In addition, there are a few types of updates, depending on size:

OEM updates:
# OEM code (drivers, customizations, QC code – modem and BSP changes (encrypted))

Microsoft updates:
# Extra small – (<1MB) – i.e. cert changes, security updates
# Small – (<10BM) – i.e. diff and canonical changes – predominant MSFT update
# Medium – (TBD) – i.e. feature pack dot updates
# Large – 100+MB – i.e. Major update release (e.g. 7740 update) without language pack – uncommon
# X-Large – 150+MB – i.e. Major update release (e.g. 7740 update) with language pack – uncommon

The new feature is detailed at MobilityMinded and WPCentral actually tested it in one of their windows Phone 8 devices. When the device “HTC Windows 8X” for AT&T is updated, the update was fully download but the device never prompted to restart into the bootloader. The update couldn’t be opened properly generating an error code 800b010a. It failed to install.

Windows Phone 8 OTA Update Failure

As far as the failure is concerned, Microsoft may be in the initial sates of testing and hope the errors will vanish as it goes. Will have to wait and see what happens!

Image Courtesy and Via: wpcentral

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