Windows Phone 8 users report random reboots, poor battery life

HTC Windows Phone 8X

After launching Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Operating System on October 29, Windows Phone users have been reporting issues with the Nokia and HTC produced handsets that run the OS. Mobile Forums have been filled with issues faced by users ranging from battery life to random reboots.

In a thread over at WPCentral with 143 replies, HTC Windows Phone 8X users report that they are facing issues of randomly rebooting numerous times while in use. Another thread at Microsoft’s own support forums has also gained 50+ replies complaining their problems with Nokia users’ issues. Battery life has been another issue that has left mobile user dissatisfied.

Nokia Lumia 920

Besides the HTC, Nokia Lumia 920 users also have complained about reboots and mobile phone freeze issues on Nokia’s support forums.

Some HTC 8X users reported that they are having serious problems picking up audio. When they are making a call or recording a video, their device are almost unable to pick up their voice, so they have to speak louder than usual. Nokia Lumia 920 users also complained that they couldn’t start their devices if they use a Bluetooth headset on the device.

If there is any solution from Support team, we’ll keep you posted to resolve your issues.

Source: Microsoft Forums, Nokia Support Forums, WPCentral Forums

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