[Manual Download] Manually Upgrade Your Windows Phone To 8107.79 Build

HTC Titan Windows Phone To 8170.79 Build

Just a few hours ago, we reported about a new software update roll out for the existed Windows Phones, bringing the new build number 7.10.8107.79. This update will fix the SMS bug issue, which is leading the users to perform hard reset of the handset, while using the messaging app and it will also sort out the keyboard disappear act issue, while you are typing.

The update is also carrying the fix for the Location bug, which is sharing user information without his knowledge. The Zune & Pictures Hub, Updater Service, Internet sharing security policy, Radio Interface Layer, SMS & SIM drivers, Maps & Search functions, Carrier data configuration database, HowTo Application, TCP IP stack  and more services will be also updated to latest versions with the help of this update.

If you need to apply all these bug fixes and update most of the services of your handset, Zune client’s traditional process is required to upgrade your handset automatically with latest updates. If you can’t wait for your handset to get this update through Zune client officially, the folks over Mobility Digest provided a download package of update 7.10.8107.79 with instructions included in a text file, so that you can manually upgrade your handset to build 8107 using cabsender application.

How To Upgrade Your Windows Phone To 8107

# Download 8170 Update.zip (hit the file) file, which is weighing 9.5MB of size.
# Extract the downloaded .zip file.
# Locate the WP7_update_tool folder from the “install first” folder and install it.
# Copy 7740 update.cab into “cab sender” folder.
# Go to “cab sender” folder and launch “wp7 update cab sender”. Press “S” to start.
# Delete “7740 update.cab” from “cab sender” folder.
# Now copy all files from “8107 and laung” folder into “cab sender” folder.
# Run “wp7 update cab sender” again, and select “S” again.
# Let the process get finished. Phone will reboot automatically and update will be done.

HTC Titan Windows Phone To 8170.79 Build

Note: Please keep in mind that you’ll be voiding your warranty using this tool on your HTC Titan Windows Phone. So, proceed to this task understanding the risks involved it it. However, Microsoft will roll out the 8170 update through the traditional process of Zune client.

A big round of applause to Ramon Trotman for making this happen.

Mobility Digest [Full Coverage]

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