[Download] Windows Phone Mango 7220 RTM Available Now

Windows Phone Mango 7220 RTM Leaked Online

The Redmond Company Microsoft is planning to bring the next Windows Phone update – “Mango OS” version in this fall for its entire Windows Phones lineup. The Mango version will include the crucial elements like multitasking, groups, SkyDrive service, all-new IE9 browser, a threads feature for aggregating messaging, social network integration, and several key features. Are you eagerly waiting for letting your smartphone to taste the Mango OS version? It just so happens that what appears to be an official Windows Phone Mango 7220 RTM (final version of Mango) has been leaked online and is ready to download. Please remember that your Windows Phone should be running post-NoDo build 7392 or Mango 7661 (Beta) or Mango 7712 (Developer Beta) version before you proceed to download the latest build 7220 and install it at your own risk.

This leaked Windows Phone Mango 7220 RTM version can be installed on all Windows Phones including HTC HD7, Dell Venue Pro, HTC Mozart, HTC Focus, HTC Arrive, HTC Optimus 7, and HTC Trophy handsets. The actual file size is 404.01 MB.


As usual with leaked RTMs, we advise you to stay away from them as such,  as there could be the possibility of bugs, and this should always be approached with caution. But, if you decide to take the plunge, you can get it from the download links, provided here at below.


Windows Phone Mango 7220 RTM.

Mirror 1, Mirror 2 (Torrent from Pirate Bay).

We highly recommend you to head over to xda-developers thread of this post (hit the link) for a full list of instructions regarding the upgrading process of build 7220. It might take 1.5 to 2 hours of time to finish the update process, but if something goes wrong, it will take more time. Are you looking forward to downloading this Mango update ? Let us know below in the comments section.

Windows Phone Mango 7220 RTM For HTC HD7

[Source: xda-developers]

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