Windows Phone Mango Update To Be Dubbed As Windows Phone 7.1 ?

Microsoft is holding a Windows Phone event on today and we have just learned that the next Windows Phone 7 version that is going to be released later today won’t be called as Windows Phone 7.5 but as Windows Phone 7.1 if we are to go by the latest reports. According to an MSDN online documentation spotted by the Mobile Tech World, The Microsoft Developer Network page has a list of all the APIs in Silverlight for Windows Phone OS 7.1 (as see in the screenshot below).

APIs in Silverlight for Windows Phone 7.1

Though we need not be too much worried about whether it’s going to be version 7.5 or 7.1 since we are bound to get the update sooner or later today, what’s interesting is the pattern in the build numbers. The current Windows Phone 7 OS build number is 7.0.7392. The upcoming Mango update could well bear the build number 7.1.XXXX on par with its earlier version.

Let’s wait for the official announcement of the Windows Phone 7 Mango update (which is just few hours away from now) to get the more details about the exact version / build number of the new Windows Phone 7 update. Microsoft is also expected to announce 500 new features in the WP7 mango update along with new devices announcements and at least three new Windows Phone hardware partners announcement.

[Source: MSDN] [Via: Mobile Tech World, Engadget]

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