Windows Phone Marketplace Reaches 20,000 Apps Milestone

Windows Phone lovers, here’s some exciting news! Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has just crossed the 20,000 apps landmark. It is really going strong if we are to consider the number of apps that are available for the platform. Windows Phone Market crossed 10,000 apps milestone in March 2011 and now just after another 70 days or so, another 10,000 apps have been added to the platform.

WP7 Marketplace apps graphic

Windows Phone 7 Market Place which was launched in October 2010 could achieve this milestone in just seven months making it the fastest growing app store. Windows Phone Market has to travel a long way before it could match up with the app stores from its rivals Apple and Google. Apple’s App Store has now over 500,000 apps while the Google’s Android Market has recorded 300,000 apps in its application store with Android Market expected to over take Apple App Store by August 2011.

But then, there are some apps just for the sake of being called ‘apps’, adding little value to the Marketplace as it has also been the case with other application stores. We hope Microsoft comes up with stringent policies to filter useless apps to make the users experience the real Windows Phone Marketplace app  store experience. With the WP7 Mango being released to the developers and with a big line up of WP7 devices already in the queue, we guess it won’t be too long before the number bumps up to 50,000.

[Source: Windows Phone App List] [Via: Wpcentral]

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