Microsoft Seeding Windows Phone 8 SDK to Select Developers

Windows Phone 8 SDK

Heads up Windows Phone Developers and start your engines. Microsoft is now letting the developers to access the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 Developer Preview Program. Microsoft is now accepting requests for access from developers.

Developers are required to target the most downloaded applications for and to optimize them for Windows Phone 8 and the developers can get a better way to get in line for when the final version of the Windows Phone 8 platform becomes available sometime in early November. The company is considering to control the release of the emulators to developers and all of the Windows Phone 8 features haven’t been announced yet. For this reason, Microsoft hasn’t provided an immediate release of the software developer’s kit for public yet. The SDK comes with comprehensive emulators which enable you to develop, debug and Test your applications with a wide range of Windows Phone features.

Interested developers can apply for access by visiting the Microsoft Connect site and filling the short application. As usual, developers should have their Developer ID, Application’s Product ID and local Phone Champ. Microsoft has confirmed that developers must submit their applications to the Microsoft Connect website by Monday, September 17, 5am PDT. Microsoft will notify the passed developers with instructions on how to download the SDK in the following week.

Windows Phone 8 SDK Application Form

Windows Phone 8 will bring support for dual-core processors (ticking inside the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920 / Lumia 820, Samsung ATIV S and more handsets), new screen resolutions, new start screen, removable microSD card storage support, addition of the native code support, data management, real-time location of nearby hotspots, new search functionality, suggestions for similar apps, new categories for apps such as Best Rated, Top Free and Top Paid and many more features will be coming to the Windows Phone platform.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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