Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ Features Unwrapped Fully; Update Coming In Autumn

Windows Phone 7 Mango Features

Microsoft is about to begin the Windows Phone event in a few hours, where they will be demonstrating more than 500 features of next Windows Phone 7 major update, codenamed “Mango”. As the official announcement on the next Windows Phone platform version approaches, more and more sources are claiming that the next Mango update would be called as Windows Phone 7.1. And now, we’ve just come across an official press release from the Redmond company regarding the Mango features, released on its Romanian website.

Mango update will bring the ability to jump between Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger Chat and Messages, all in one conversation. It brings Twitter integration and LinkedIn integration with contacts, Facebook check-ins with enhanced face detection and easy tagging. Contact groups now can be turned into individualized ‘Live Tiles’ to see the recent status updates and a fast way of interacting directly from the Start screen by sending a message or an email to the entire group. Users can also make hands-free messaging with the help of speech-to-text and text-to-speech.

Application multitasking with some applications for background processing, audio and file transfer, fast application switching with which users can easily toggle between them. Improved Dynamic Live Tiles lets the users to store more information, and allow for easy information recovery and updated information without requiring the matching app to be open. Applications will be featured on search results and Hubs and will be displayed at the appropriate time.

Mango update also enable the Internet Explorer 9 for your smartphone bringing the support for HTML 5 and hardware acceleration. ‘Local Scout’ feature brings you brings you results local recommendations for restaurants, shops, activities, providing them in an easy to read manner. Users will also get Bing Vision, Music Search and Voice Search so that users can quickly find out the picture they just saw or a song that they just listened. ‘Quick Cards’ feature will help users by providing a relevant summary and applications when searching for a product, movie, event or place.

Mango update will be also bringing the “Use of Silverlight + XNA” together, additional sensors including direct camera access, compass & gyro, new profiler and emulator for testing, Access to calendar and contacts for apps, and more.

Mango update will improve the platform and ecosystem by partnering with Acer, Fujitsu Ltd. and ZTE These OEMs are promised to be bringing the Windows Phone handsets by the end of this year. A Beta SDK of the new Windows Phone free tools will be available within 24 hours.

Finally, Microsoft has stated that the update will be "freely available" to all current Windows Phone handsets, and will be ready for download as soon as possible.

Windows Phone 7 Mango Features

Check out the video after the break to watch Windows Phone Mango features demoed by Joe Belfiore.


[Source: Microsoft] [Via: WMPoweruser]

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