World’s First Desktop Modular Computer Running Chrome OS(ChromiumPC) from Xi3 Corporation Announced

Chromium Desktop PC


Xi3® Corporation has announced its ChromiumPC™ modular computer which is also the world’s first desktop computer designed to run Google’s Chrome Operating System. Chrome OS powered laptops have already been announced from different makers.

The Xi3 Computer Architecture is designed to support any x86-based operating system, including Windows, Linux, Unix, and other open source-based operating systems. The modular computer architecture will support a cloud-based operating system and switching ChromiumPC to run a different operating system will be as easy as swapping out one of the three boards inside the computer.

What is a modular computer?

In a modular computer, the whole computer will not reside on a single motherboard, instead there will be different modules with different functionality as given follows:

The Processor Module,
The Primary I/O Module,
The Secondary I/O Module etc.

These interconnected modules will be housed in an aluminum chassis for each Xi3 Modular Computer, including the ChromiumPC.

These three modules will form the basis of what you know as the motherboard, with the Processor Module housing the microprocessor and RAM, the Primary I/O Module typically housing the majority of the external communications ports, and the Secondary I/O Module typically housing Ethernet, video and power connections.

Advantage of the modular architecture is that in the Xi3 Computer Architecture it is possible to change the whole functionality by changing any of the modules according to your needs.

The ChromiumPC will be powered by a dual-core x86-based processor or dual/single-core 64-bit, housed in a chassis measuring 4.0- x 3.656- x 3.656-inches and available in multiple colors, including a chrome-plated chassis.

Availability of the Xi3 Modular Computer has been stated as the 4th of July. ChromiumPC pricing and additional specs will be announced later.

via: ubergizmo

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