Leaked Xperia 1 V Promo Images Reveal Camera Specs and Price

The day before the official announcement of Sony’s new flagship Xperia 1 V, multiple promotional images believed to have been leaked due to a pre-mature posting on a Chinese online store have surfaced. The images give us a glimpse of what to expect from the new device.

The rumored next-generation sensor for Sony’s upcoming Xperia flagship smartphone was initially thought to be named “LYTIA,” but it appears that it will actually be called “ExmoreT.” Furthermore, it seems that this new sensor will only be featured on the main camera of the device.

Additionally, the telephoto camera will be equipped with an optical variable zoom similar to that of the Xperia 1 V, with a focal length ranging from 85mm (F2.3) to 125mm (F2.8). There is a possibility that this telephoto camera will also use the same sensor as the main camera.

Additionally, it appears that there will not be any significant advancements made to the display, and LPTO technology will not be included. Taking this into account, it can be said that there are only minor improvements from the previous model aside from the main camera. As such, the description made by certain leakers on Esato that the changes are not particularly substantial may not be entirely inaccurate.

Xperia 1 V Camera Specs:

  • All rear lenses ZEISS T* coated with Eye AF support and real-time tracking
  • 24mm wide-angle lens and 16mm super wide-angle lens
  • 85mm-125mm telephoto lens with true optical zoom
  • Exmor T or mobile double layer transistor pixel stack image sensor
  • 4K HDR 120fps video recording capability


As per the promotional images, the Xperia 1 V features the following display specs:

  • 120Hz high refresh rate and multi-frame rate support among display specs for Xperia 1 V
  • Real-time HDR technology, HDR10 and HLG support, and 1,000,000:1 contrast featured in Xperia 1 V display
  • Xperia 1 V display boasts 10-bit equivalent, smooth color transition, and CineAlta-powered master mode

Based on the final day of the promotion being listed as May 31st, it is highly likely that the release date in the country will be on June 1st. It appears that in China, customers who purchase the Xperia 1 V will also receive some free accessories, including a case, LinkBuds, and a charger.

On the other hand, it seems that there are expectations for improved heat dissipation performance in this Xperia 1 V. The handset is expected to have improved heat dissipation performance, although it will not feature a vapor chamber. Instead, it will reportedly come with a graphite thermal sheet that is 60% larger in size compared to the previous model.

As per the leak, the price of the 12GB/512GB model is 12,999 Chinese yuan (approximately 253,000 yen). For comparison, the price of the Xperia 1 IV at launch in China was 8,500 yuan. While the Xperia 1 IV only had a 256GB model available, it can be estimated that the price of the Xperia 1 V is 1.5 times the price of the Xperia 1 IV.

Despite rumors from a well-known leaker a few days ago that the Xperia 1 V would be priced at 8,000 Chinese yuan, cheaper than the previous model, it seems that the actual price will inevitably increase by 30-40%.

One can only speculate that the price listed is a placeholder or a typo, as it is difficult to imagine that the Xperia 1 V would be released at such a high price point.

Even with a conservative estimate, the price of the carrier versions of the Xperia 1 V in Japan is likely to be around 250,000 yen. It’s important to note that this information was based on leaked promotional material from a major Chinese online retailer for the upcoming Xperia 1 V, and while the images themselves appear to be official, the source of the leak remains unconfirmed.

Furthermore, a Reddit user discovered a screenshot from the same website showing a different price, which is 9999 yuan (approximately 194,000 yen). This could possibly be for the Xperia 1 V 256GB model, but the price difference of 3000 yuan (approximately 58,000 yen) between the 256GB and 512GB models seems too large.

However, even if this turns out to be the accurate price, it would still be a price increase of nearly 20% from the previous model’s price of 8500 yuan.



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