[Download] YouTube For Android Updated To v4.1.23; Gets Preloading, Support for Gingerbread, Froyo devices

YouTube For Android Update v4.1.23

YouTube app for Android saw an update in the Google Play Store, bringing about a set of functional changes and new features. Aside from was was listed on the app’s Play Store page, the new firmware update with an upgraded version v4.1.23 also added compatibility for older devices powered by Gingerbread and Froyo builds.

Gingerbread and Froyo OS powered Android handsets users can now enable preloading and Google now lets you to add more channels to your YouTube TV queue from the Channel Store. You will also observe a new “Recommended by YouTube” video section subscription list on the homepage. The update also carries a new Watch experience, a newly-refreshed user interface, that have already rocking on ICS and Jelly Bean running devices.

Users can also cache full video to their handsets, which is the same features that was only available in the Android 4.x version of the YouTube app. Your “watch later” videos list will automatically download the videos from accounts you subscribed while your phone is being charged or running on a Wi-Fi connection.

The new updated YouTube app for Android is available now in the Google Play store for free.

Download: Play Store link for YouTube App

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