4.7 inch LG Optimus G may be the next Google Nexus device [Rumor]

LG Optimus G

As a mode of Nexus Device, Google is now on to deliver “pure Android” experience, which means that the devices under Nexus branding without having any carrier modifications as that of HTC Sense

In such circumstances, as reported by a person closely associated with Vodafone, the upcoming Nexus device will feature 4.7 inch display of very high resolution, and with features alike to that of the iPhone 5’s Retina Display. As such feature is quite similar to that of 4.7 inch LG Optimus G, Optimus G version with 4.7″ might be the next believable Google’s LG Nexus phone.

As we have a recap among the five new models manufactured by Sony, Samsung, HTC, LG, and Motorola, it seems Samsung would take charge of making the next Nexus device. However, from this source it is revealed that LG may also be considered.

To predict the next Nexus is quite difficult but from the several screenshots, photos, documents and numerous reviews, and leaks about a device codenamed as GT-I9260 points toward that Samsung GT-I9260 Galaxy will become the Nexus 2.

With the context of LG’s contribution towards the Google’s Nexus device and from the current news, it might be possible that LG being the architect of the next Nexus.

After all, to know more about the next Nexus device keep hanging on with us.

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