Android Honeycomb OS For Nook Color E-reading Tablet [Download]

Android Honeycomb Nook Color Tablet

We’ve already reported that the developers are testing the Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet based OS on the Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color e-reader and the they’ve also successfully worked on the improvement of hardware acceleration of GUI. Now the many users of Nook Color e-reader tablets now want to give some taste of Honeycomb to their devices.

The source sode is now available for download at xda-developers website. Developer, Deeper-Blue has successfully enabled accelerometer, touchscreen, buttons, wireless connectivity, Sleep/Wake features and of course the Graphics acceleration also. Unfortunately, the sound & hardware video decoding features are still not working. Hit the ‘Download’ link to download it for your Nook Color tablet.

Google is going to release the full-fledged source code of Google’s Honeycomb OS at the Google Event.

[Source: xda-developers] [Download]

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