Apple Stores goes down right before the iPad 2 Launch

Apple Store Goes Down

Huh? Umm. Apple store is down and has been for at least 40 minutes now. The Apple Store has just gone into maintenance mode globally in preparation for the announcement of Apple iPad 2, with the site saying Apple is updating the store. The main navigation bar has undergone a slight redesign during this time.

The latest whispers circling around the web all suggest that Apple may announce the pre-orders for iPad 2 right once the store comes back online sometime after the event.. According to the Amazon leak from this morning, the iPad 2 may go on for sale March 17. According to the Amazon Germany website, the iPad 2 might feature 1.2GHz chipset, a camera, 9.7-inch screen, Thunderbolt.

Check out the Full Specifications Of iPad 2.

It’s a traditional  procedure for the Apple store to go down during its product launches. Now all we have to do is wait for it to come back. Stay tuned to for further updates.

[Source: Apple]

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