Clear Images of RIM’s new BlackBerry X10 spotted online

BlackBerry X10 image

After a few leaked images of Blackberry 10 smartphones before, now we have found new images of BlackBerry X10, which is expected to be the second smartphone of Research In Motion’s BlackBerry 10 powered smartphone.

New clear images of the smartphone which were posted on Website “n4bb” showing the front and back images of the smartphone. It is also reported that the lock screen of the device has an icon that would appear to unlock the device directly into camera mode. When you unlocked the screen, it will be able to display eight app icons on its home screen. In the newer images, the Blackberry X10 screens show LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare Apps on the home screen. Earlier, during an interview with Forbes’s Frank Boulben, RIM’s CMO claimed that more than 70000 apps will be available at the time of launching its upcoming Blackberry 10 mobile Operating system and will have one of the best in class browser in parallel to iOS and Android.

BlackBerry X10 photo

A week ago, it was claimed that the official name of the N-Series smartphone will be the BlackBerry X10 which is a full QWERTY keyboard smartphone. Back in November, we had shown an image of the Keyboard of BlackBerry N-Series and reported that it looks similar to the Keyboard found on the Bold 9900. Recently, it was also reported that device was sitting together with an unknown QWERTY type device and a Blackberry Z10 smartphone which is expected to come with a dual HD camera, 2GB of RAM, NFC and more. We are hoping that Blackberry 10 smartphones will be available in the US soon since an unknown BlackBerry 10 smartphone (possibly either one of them: the Blackberry Z10 or X10 or Dev Alpha C) has approved by the FCC today.

We will let you know when more information arrives, such as in which carrier the device will be heading to and what will be its price. If you would like to see all the images which were found on the website, hit the source link given below.

Via: Electronista

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