Google Swiftly Fixes Coral Pixel 7a Pricing Error in UK Store

After weeks of speculation and substantial leaks, the highly anticipated Google Pixel 7a made its official debut during this week’s I/O 2023. Serving as the successor to last year’s midrange Pixel device, this new smartphone introduces several noteworthy hardware enhancements, including an upgraded chipset and camera system. Additionally, Google entices users with a captivating color selection, showcasing the vibrant hues of Sea and Coral.

With the exception of the limited Coral version, all other colors of the Pixel 7a were originally listed at £449, offering customers the same benefits, such as the option to receive the free Pixel Buds A-series or avail of discounted Pixel Buds Pro as part of the pre-order bonuses. The UK launch of the Pixel 7a encountered a minor setback when it was discovered that the Google Store-exclusive Coral model had an unintentional £50 price increase. However, the company swiftly acknowledged the error and promptly initiated the process of issuing refunds to affected customers. This rectification ensures that customers are reimbursed for any discrepancies and reaffirms Google’s commitment to providing a seamless and transparent purchasing experience.

During the Pixel 7a announcement, Google did not mention any additional charges for the Coral color variant, which happens to be exclusive to the Google Store. Therefore, it came as a surprise when Alex Dobie, XDA’s head of video content, discovered that the UK Google Store was pricing the Pixel 7a in Coral at £499, which was £50 more than the original price. However, it appears that this was an error, as customers who purchased the device in the Coral color are now reportedly receiving a £50 refund to rectify the situation. This gesture reflects Google’s commitment to customer satisfaction and ensures that the pricing discrepancy is promptly addressed.

The refund notification regarding the pricing error for the Coral Pixel 7a was initially shared by Damien Wilde of 9to5Google. Wilde included a screenshot of the refund email in response to Alex’s tweet, providing further confirmation of the refund process. According to the notification, refunds will be processed to the “original form of payment,” eliminating the need for store credit or alternative methods. As of now, it seems that the pricing issue was limited to the UK region. However, if similar discrepancies arise in other regions, it is expected that Google will promptly address the situation and issue the appropriate refund notifications to affected customers.

In the United States, the Pixel 7a in Coral was priced at the same $499 as the other color variants. The only exception is the Verizon version, which carries a higher price tag of $549. For interested customers, several retailers and all major mobile carriers are already offering some sweet deals for the Pixel 7a handset. It’s important to note that the Verizon version is exclusively available in the United States and offers mmWave 5G connectivity, a feature not available in the United Kingdom market. This discrepancy in pricing and features reflects the variations in regional availability and network compatibility.

Upon reviewing the Google Store UK listing, it appears that the pricing for the Coral Pixel 7a has been adjusted to £449, aligning it with the pricing of the Sea, Snow, and Charcoal models. This ensures that individuals who are considering purchasing the latest midrange Pixel phone will not encounter any pricing discrepancies. For those who have already purchased the Coral Pixel 7a at the original price of £499 in the UK, a refund email should be forthcoming, if it has not already been received. This proactive measure by Google aims to rectify the situation and provide appropriate refunds to affected customers who paid the incorrect price.

The pricing error for the Coral Pixel 7a on the Google Store UK could indeed have had an impact on sales of this visually striking variant. It was unfortunate that this error was limited to the UK storefront, potentially causing confusion and dissatisfaction among customers. However, it is commendable that Google swiftly recognized and rectified the issue, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction. By promptly issuing refunds to affected customers, Google aims to address any inconvenience caused and maintain a positive customer experience.



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