[Download] Android 4.2.1 Update JPO40D for ‘Takju’ Galaxy Nexus Available Now

Android 4.2.1 Update JPO40D

The latest Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean update is also rolling out for the ‘takju’ variant of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset, along side the Nexus 7, and Google’s newest additions to the Nexus family – Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices. The build number bumps up to JOP40D from JOP40C.

This update fixes the December People app bug that came along with the Android 4.2 build earlier this month and after you upgrade your device with the latest OTA update, you should be able add important contacts, events to your People app that occur in December month. Google has also provided manual update package (which you can grab from the below link) of the Android 4.2.1 update for the ‘takju’ Galaxy Nexus handset, that you bought from the Play Store, not the ‘yakju’ variant.

Download: Galaxy Nexus Takju Android 4.2 JPO40D

If you want to install the OTA update downloaded from the above link, please make sure that you are running JPO40C build on your GNex handset.

If you are running a custom recovery, copy the downloaded file onto your handset –> Reboot into your custom recovery –> Select “install zip from sd card” and scroll over to the update file –> Flash it and enjoy Android 4.2.1 build.

Users who are running stock recovery, follow this article over at AndroidPolice blog for full instructions

Android 4.2.1 Update JPO40D for 'takju' Galaxy Nexus

Source: Google

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