Leaked Renders Confirm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic’s Signature Rotating Bezel

Samsung is preparing for the launch of its much-anticipated 6th generation smartwatch series, set to bring a multitude of captivating new features and advancements. The online sphere is already abuzz with speculations and leaks surrounding the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 lineup, providing valuable insights into what enthusiasts can expect from the forthcoming release.

After omitting the feature in the Galaxy Watch 5 series, Samsung is rumored to reintroduce the iconic rotating bezel in its upcoming Galaxy Watch 6. Leaked renders of the “Classic” model, shared by @OnLeaks and MySmartPrice, showcase a design that bears a striking resemblance to the beloved rotating bezel of previous iterations, creating a sense of familiarity among fans and enthusiasts.

As anticipated, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic embraces the return of the beloved rotating rim, reminiscent of its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. It showcases a subtly sleeker profile, although not to the extent previously speculated. Encircling the display, the rim offers seamless rotational control, while inside lies a circular screen that is rumored to measure 1.47 inches on the larger variant, delivering an immersive and captivating visual experience.

Another notable design tweak in the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is reminiscent of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, featuring a prominent flat edge along the side. This distinct characteristic sets it apart from previous models that incorporated a rotating bezel. While this change suggests that Samsung may discontinue the “Pro” model, it is challenging to confirm with certainty, as the return of the rotating bezel itself was unexpected. Samsung has proven that their design choices can surprise us, as the tech world initially believed the rotating bezel had been permanently removed from their smartwatch lineup.

The leaked renders of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic showcase a design with a brushed finish, lending it a sophisticated look. Additionally, the renders reveal the presence of a magnetic clasp band, reminiscent of the one found on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. This combination of design elements adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the watch, providing a stylish and comfortable wearing experience for users.

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Rumored Features

According to Samsung, the FDA-cleared IHRN (Intelligent Heart Rate Notification) feature will make its debut on the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 smartwatch series, as part of the One UI 5 Watch. The series is rumored to include a standard model as well as a Classic variant. This exciting combination of advanced health monitoring capabilities and classic design elements is anticipated to enhance the overall user experience of the Galaxy Watch 6 series.

It is anticipated that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Watch 6 series in July, coinciding with the launch of other devices such as the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Flip 5, and the new Galaxy Tab S9 series. The smartwatch is expected to continue utilizing Wear OS 3 with Samsung’s customized skin. However, considering the pace of technological advancements, an eventual upgrade to Wear OS 4 seems plausible in the near future, bringing potential enhancements and features to the Galaxy Watch 6 lineup.



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