Galaxy Watch6 Will Have The Rotating Bezel and A New Chipset

Samsung’s next Galaxy Watch6 series has been the topic of numerous rumors and leaks for some time now. Today, it was revealed that the Pro variant will reintroduce the rotating bezel, which was last present on the Galaxy Watch4 Classic but was absent on the Watch5 Pro.

Samsung’s iconic rotating bezel has been a standout feature of the Galaxy Watch series for some time, allowing users to easily navigate through the device’s menus. Unfortunately, the feature was absent in the Galaxy Watch5 series, but reliable leaker Ice Universe has recently revealed that it will make a comeback with the upcoming Galaxy Watch6 Pro.

According to reliable sources, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Pro will feature a physical rotating bezel, which was last seen on the Galaxy Watch4 Classic and was replaced with a virtual one on the Watch5 series. The Watch6 Pro is also rumored to have a narrow bezel, which may indicate either a larger display or a more compact design.

Another rumor has emerged regarding Samsung’s wearables for this year, which suggests that the Galaxy Watch6 series will be equipped with a new chipset called the Exynos W980. This chipset is expected to be more than 10% faster than the Exynos W920 that currently powers both the Galaxy Watch4 and the Galaxy Watch5 families.

Having a more powerful chipset is a significant upgrade that will surely make a difference in the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series. The Exynos W980 is expected to be over 10% faster than the Exynos W920 that was used in the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5. This means that the new chipset should deliver smoother and more responsive performance overall, particularly when it comes to opening apps, navigating the UI, and interacting with various features and functionalities of the watch.

It’s worth noting that an improved chipset was not part of the list of upgrades that were introduced in the Galaxy Watch5 line last year, in contrast to the Galaxy Watch4 devices from 2021. This makes the rumored upgrade to the Exynos W980 for the Galaxy Watch6 series all the more exciting, as it promises to bring more power and speed to Samsung’s upcoming wearables. In combination with the reintroduction of the rotating bezel in the Watch6 Pro, the improved chipset is likely to make for a more satisfying user experience.

In addition to the performance boost, the new Exynos W980 chipset is also expected to be manufactured on a 5nm process by Samsung, which is a significant improvement over the 8nm process used for the Exynos W920 chipset in the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5. This shift in process could bring about a noticeable improvement in battery life for the upcoming Galaxy Watch6 series. The move to a smaller process node will result in reduced power consumption and better thermal efficiency, which will not only improve battery life but also overall device performance.

It seems that the Galaxy Watch6 is set to receive some significant upgrades, including a larger and higher-resolution screen with thinner bezels. Additionally, the smartwatch will reportedly come with higher capacity batteries, making it a more capable device overall. These improvements are likely to appeal to consumers who are looking for a more advanced wearable than the previous generation Galaxy Watch.


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