Galaxy Z Flip 5’s Upgraded Cover Display Confirmed in Unique Folder Design

According to recent reports, Samsung is set to make a major update to its foldable flip phone series with the release of the Galaxy Z Flip 5. This new model is expected to feature an enlarged cover display, representing a significant change since the release of the Z Flip 3. Recently, a well-known tipster claimed to have “confirmed” the design of the device.

According to the latest leaks, the cover display of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 is expected to have a foldable shape, which marks a significant departure from previous models in the series. The design has reportedly been confirmed by reliable tipster @UniverseIce, who claims that Samsung is adjusting the software design accordingly.

Recent reports suggest that Samsung’s next foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip 5, will feature a cover display that covers almost the entire half-shell of the phone, as we previously reported through exclusive sources. However, the screen is not expected to have a perfectly rectangular or square shape due to the presence of an irregular edge.

Due to the cameras of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, the cover display won’t be able to run across the entire area of the phone’s half-shell, resulting in the folder-shaped design. The irregular shape of the display offers Samsung the chance to create innovative software features. The company has reportedly started adapting the software to match the cover screen’s design.

Samsung is reportedly planning to make one of the most significant changes in the Galaxy Z Flip series history with the upcoming Z Flip 5. According to sources, the Z Flip 5’s cover display will be enlarged to a 3.4-inch panel, which marks the second time Samsung has upgraded the size of the series’ cover display. The new design is expected to allow for unique software features, and Samsung has already started adapting the software to match the cover screen’s design. Based on recent rumor, the phone is expected to release early in July rather than August.

There are still many unknowns about how the new cover display on the Galaxy Z Flip 5 will function in practice. While some rumors have suggested that the notched area may not be particularly useful, others believe that the enlarged display will greatly enhance the usability of the phone’s cover screen. With a 3.4-inch panel, the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover display will be significantly larger than that of its predecessors, which only had a 1.1-inch or 1.9-inch display. This represents a major upgrade for the series and could lead to innovative new software features that take advantage of the expanded screen real estate.

Despite some uncertainties, it’s clear that Samsung is making a concerted effort to improve the functionality and user experience of its foldable flip phone lineup. With each successive release, the company has introduced new design and software features that make its foldable devices more useful and compelling to consumers. The Galaxy Z Flip 5 will likely be no exception, as Samsung continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the foldable phone space.


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