Google Nexus Tablet (LG Branded) Coming this Summer?

LG Branded Google Nexus Tablet

According to some well trusted sources, LG is already working on an own self-branded “Pure-Google Nexus Tablet”. We have the Google branded Android devices HTC-made Nexus One and Samsung-made Nexus S, without any manufacturer customizations and now the chances of the Nexus tablet from LG should be are very peculiar.

Folks over Russian based tech blog Mobile Review are saying that the Google Nexus tablet should be released in “mid-summer or earl autumn”. The Google Nexus tablet will be used as Google’s base for development, and it will use the tablet-optimized operating system, Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Nexus Tablet will be the first to receive operating system and interface updates and LG is the only manufacturer to agree to Google terms for making the Google’s core Android remarkable tablet.

Anyhow, we’ve to see whether LG will make 3D-capable Google Nexus tablet or not like the LG Optimus Pad aka LG G-Slate. T-Mobile connected LG G-Slate is expected hit the markets on April 20th and the LG Optimus Pad will release in Japan on March 31st.

Source: [MobileReview (Russian)]

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