Google Teases Pixel Fold Design in Anticipation of I/O 2023

This is not a figment of your imagination, but rather a confirmed fact: Google has announced that the Pixel Fold is in development and will soon be hitting the market.

Google has revealed the Pixel Fold, its inaugural foldable device that is expected to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold line. Along with giving a glimpse of the Pixel Fold’s appearance, Google has alluded to the potential date of its launch announcement.

The announcement was made via a tweet from the official Google Pixel account, which featured an image of the folding device. The tweet also included a clever nod to Star Wars Day with the phrase “May the Fold be with you”. The post was also shared on Instagram, indicating that the company is gearing up for an imminent launch of its new device.

Indeed, the tweet leaves no room for misinterpretation as it explicitly mentions the “Pixel Fold” and is accompanied by a hashtag for “May 10.” This strongly suggests that Google is planning to announce the device on May 10, although the tweet doesn’t provide any further details about the device’s specifications or features.

The Pixel Fold’s design, as seen in the video, matches the many leaks and renders that have been circulating since the end of 2022. It features a large camera housing on the back with three camera sensors and an LED flash unit.

In the teaser video, we get a glimpse of the Pixel Fold in a sleek white color (though black is also expected), featuring a triple-camera setup on the rear and a shiny hinge. The video showcases the device being fully opened from two angles, revealing its impressively slim design despite the camera bump. We also get a peek at the inner screen as it unfolds, followed by a final shot of the front screen featuring an always-on display.

The disclaimer at the end of the video suggests that the device has not yet been approved by regulatory bodies and cannot be sold until it has been authorized. However, the Pixel Fold has already passed through the FCC, which revealed that it will have Ultrawide band (UWB) capabilities.

In the last shot of the video, we catch a glimpse of the Pixel Fold’s external cover display, which is speculated to be around 5.8 inches in size. The Pixel Fold’s internal display, rumored to measure 7.6 inches, is on full display as the device is opened in the video. The home screen, which is stretched across the display, is identical to recent leaks of the device and features the Pixel Launcher. However, the large bezels are visible and may be a point of contention for some users, although others may not mind them. The video also shows the internal front-facing camera.

The thicker internal bezels of the Pixel Fold may be a point of concern for some potential buyers, as other recent foldable smartphones have thinner bezels. However, the cover display seems to have a thinner bezel that covers the front of the device. The top bezel is reportedly wider to accommodate the front-facing camera, while the horizontal and vertical bezels are uniform.

Pixel Fold Rumored Features

The upcoming Pixel Fold is expected to offer many of the same high-end features as the Pixel 7 Pro, such as a triple-lens rear camera system that includes wide, ultrawide, and telephoto lenses, the powerful Tensor G2 SoC, ample RAM, and generous storage space, as well as wireless charging capabilities. However, due to the added foldable form factor, the device is expected to be quite expensive. According to rumors, other specs may include the Tensor G2 chipset, 12GB of RAM, 256GB of internal storage, a 64MP triple-camera setup on the rear, and an IP rating for water resistance. So far, reports suggest that the entry-level price for the Pixel Fold could be as high as $1,799, which is on par with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4.

In addition to the tweet and Instagram post, the video teasing the Pixel Fold can also be found on the Google Store website. While Google has been tight-lipped about the device, the company did confirm that more information about the Pixel Fold will be revealed at Google I/O 2023, which is set to begin on May 10th.

While it’s also confirmed that Google may launch the Pixel 7a and Pixel Tablet at Google I/O, the company has not officially confirmed about the tablet yet. We will have to wait for official announcements from Google to know for sure.




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