Leaked renders reveal Google Pixel Tablet Stand in multiple angles

Pixel Tablet Stand Renders Leak

The launch of the much-anticipated Google Pixel Tablet seems imminent, as leaks about the device continue to surface. Though Google has not yet revealed much about the tablet, various leaks have revealed a wealth of information, from internal components to display details to the device’s dual functionality as both a tablet and smart home hub. In the latest leak, SnoopyTech, a well-known leaker, has shared official renders of what appears to be a Google-branded charging dock for the Pixel Tablet, which they refer to as the “Google Pixel Tablet Stand”.

While we have already seen the dock in the limited promotional material that Google has shared for the Pixel Tablet, the new leak offers a more detailed look. The leaked images show the charging dock from multiple angles, giving us a better idea of its design and features.

As per the images shared by SnoopyTech, the dock is likely to serve a dual purpose, as a charger and an external speaker for the Pixel Tablet. The stand appears to be wrapped in a fabric similar to Nest Hub devices and is a light gray color, likely Chalk.

Pixel Tablet Stand Renders Leak

The four charging pins on the dock align with connectors on the tablet’s backside, and the power cable connects to the dock using a standard barrel plug. Notably, the four charging pins on the pill-shaped face of the stand seem to be carefully calibrated with magnets, allowing for easy docking and undocking of the Pixel Tablet. The stand also features a debossed “G” at the bottom and appears to have a small button for performing resets.

While the leaked images do not reveal anything new about the device, they do support the idea that the Pixel Tablet could be fully unveiled at Google’s upcoming I/O conference.

Further details about the charging dock were revealed through a teardown of the Google Home app by the folks over 9to5Mac. The app includes a string that mentions a “Hub Mode” for the Pixel Tablet that is engaged when the device is connected to its dock. Additionally, the dock can be assigned to a room in Google Home, just like existing smart speakers and displays. These details indicate that the dock will likely be used as both a charger and an external speaker for the Pixel Tablet.

Overall, while the leaked images may not be particularly exciting, they suggest that the Pixel Tablet is inching closer to its official launch. With Google’s I/O conference scheduled to begin on May 10, it’s possible that we will soon learn more about this highly anticipated device.

Source: Snoopy Tech

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