Verizon HTC Trophy To Go On Sale For $149.99 At Costco

Verizon hasn’t still officially announced about their first Windows Phone 7 powered HTC Trophy (Originally, it was HTC 7 Trophy). But it has been teasing us since last year, and leaking in press shots and with Verizon logo, and has ben marked with ‘Coming Soon’ tag on Verizon’s online catalog. It seems Best Buy has already started letting the customers to add it to cart for $699.99, sans the contract. Now the folks over PocketNow came out with a leaked memo of Costco’s inventory system, which is suggesting that it will go for sale with a price tag of $149.99 (obviously on contract), including a leather case and a car charger. According to the source, the dummy materials have already reached the retailer. This is enough to hint us that it will officially go for sale in the U.S. markets at any time now or on May 26th, along with the Xperia Play, LG Revolution 4G, and Droid X2.

Costco's Verizon HTC Trophy Price Leaked

HTC Trophy comes with 1GHz processor, sporting a 3.8″ WVGA display, equipped with 5MP Autofocus camera around back with LED flash, 720p video recording, DLNA support, 16GB of on-board memory, 576MB RAM / 512MB ROM , FM Radio. We knew that the Verizon’s HTC Trophy will indeed be a CDMA/GSM Global phon

HTC Trophy is also having Zune music and videos, Blockbuster and Netflix video streaming, Xbox Live integration,Windows Phone Marketplace.

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[Source: PocketNow]

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