Is it iPhone or iFail? iPhone 5’s Myriad of problems, Slow Wi-Fi, Screen problems, Bad Maps etc.

Apple iPhone 5

On 21st September, Apple delivered the first iPhone 5s to its customers. Till now millions of iPhone 5s might have reached their hand. Well with so many numbers, device defect and problems cannot be ruled out. But this time, the problems are odd and seems to be serious in nature.

#iLost: The iOS 6 MapsiOs-6-Maps

The worst common problem reported is its iOS 6 Maps. Many feel that they will be lost if this ill-informed map is used. Even Google owned Motorola Mobility mocked the new iOS 6 Maps as #iLost. Not only this there were reports of London tube officials distributing free local maps exclusively for iOS 6 users.

The other problems are user specific and may not be found in all iPhone 5s.

#iSlow: iPhone 5 Wi-FiiPhone-5-slow-wi-fi

The next problem reported by a few of the iPhone 5 owners is the Wi-Fi connectivity. Member bryan85 of MacRumors Forum reported that the when the device’s Wi-Fi is connected to a secured Hotspot, the packets lost is reported to be more than 80%. Hence reducing the speed drastically. This problem is not found when connected to an unsecured connection. The forum thread got many replies, prompting that many others also faced the same problem.

#iNotouch: iPhone 5’s Screen

Another problem faced by early iPhone5 adopters is its unresponsive screen issue. A video posted on YouTube Shows that the user is unable to use the touch screen functionality to navigate and operate the phone. Though the physical buttons were working fine, the touch seemed dead. he was able to use the touch only after several tries as shown in the video.

Other users also reported some bubble issue on the iPhone 5’s screen but the credibility of this information/video is doubtful.

#iLight: iPhone 5 feels just “Empty”!


This is the funniest and most weird problem faced by many owners and users. The iPhone 5 feels so empty because it is too light! This is what many are now complaining, reports Gizmodo. This unusual problem will be Apple’s worst nightmare. Apple have been investing in R&D to make the most sleek and lightest phone ever. Well users feel that it should have been a little heavier that it is.

As far as the other defects are concerned, we are sure that Apple is working hard to solve it. There are reports that Apple is hiring ex-Google maps employees in order to help improving the new iOS 6 Maps. Other device problems can be solved just by going to Apple store and replacing it with a new one.

Regarding the last problem(#iLight) is concerned, its up to the user. Well we suggest having a thick, heavy case for iPhone 5!

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