Is This T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III? Purported Press Shots Leak

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III Press Shot Leak

We’re expecting T-Mobile to launch quad-core processor equipped Samsung Galaxy S III in the coming weeks and the folks over The Verge got their hands on what appears to be the very first press photo of the new Galaxy S III for T-Mobile network. The source has released purported press images of the T-Mobile Galaxy S III both in pebble blue and marble white colors.

According to these press shots, T-Mobile U.S. variants have got the same arrangement of capacitive menu and back buttons, along with a physical home button, that we’ve seen on the international version of the Galaxy S III editions. Last year, Samsung has released the Galaxy S II U.S. versions with some noticeable differences and hardware changes that weren’t presented on the international versions. All the major U.S. carriers have got the Galaxy S II with four Android capacitive buttons at the bottom side, instead of the iPhone-esque home button.

In fact, all the press shots of the T-Mobile branded handsets would have icons of the T-Mobile voicemail, T-Mobile video, T-Mobile security apps on the home screen. But, these purported press shots of the T-Mobile Galaxy S III aren’t having any carrier specific widget icons. It look exactly the same-with a home button, same home screen and same design as the international model. You can also see T-Mobile logo on the back cover on these leaked press shots.

A couple of days ago, Samsung has announced 2GB RAM Galaxy S III with 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor for Canada. We definitely hope the T-Mobile U.S. variant will be also equipped with 2GB RAM and it should feature Nvidia Tegra 3 processor under the hood. Quad-core processor is fully compatible with HSPA+ radio, but not with LTE radio. That’s why all the LTE capable Galaxy S III variants of the Verizon, Sprint and AT&T will feature Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor. According to the previous leak, T-Mobile may release the Galaxy S III on June 20th.

Is Samsung Galaxy S III keeping home button for U.S. versions? What are your thoughts?

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III Press Shot Leak

Take a look at the international Galaxy S III and T-Mobile Galaxy S II press shots:

Samsung Galaxy S III Press Shot

International Samsung Galaxy S III

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Press Shot

T-Mobile Galaxy S II

Source: The Verge

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